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Brand and Professionalism - Competitiveness

When potential customers are looking for goods or services, will they search on Google or on social platforms such as Facebook? This is how customers search for your services or products related to your business. This online business means that unless they know your brand name, they are relatively unlikely to find you on social platforms. Of course, search engines will also index Facebook pages, but your website will also provide you with the flexibility to optimise for specific keywords related to your business, making your company easier to be found.

In today's online business environment, people are more inclined to trust companies that have both a social platform page and a website, rather than a company that only has a social media fan page. This represents: credibility and professional image. Commercial websites are a symbol of trust. Not only customers, but companies that own websites will also get higher weight in search engines.

Today, the World Wide Web (the Web) is viewed as the assortment of online sites on the web. The HTTP customer worker convention (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is utilized for interchanges between web workers facilitating sites, and HTTP customer programming, for example, internet browsers and crawlers. We some of the time discuss "site" by metonymy, rather than site. We should discuss a site for the Internet, yet by maltreatment of language, the articulation site is regularly utilized. Sites are not really available by means of the web. For instance, intranets can contain at least one sites that can't be gotten to through the Internet.


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