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How to do a perfect cleaning after construction

This is the stage prior to the delivery of the new construction or the comfort of your newly renovated room. This task is essential to the comfort of future occupants. Therefore, the company you will hire for your post-construction cleaning must be thorough, efficient, fast and professional. Several steps are needed to clean up after construction Cleaning walls and ceilings When cleaning after construction, we make sure all walls are cleaned and dust free. We will use the necessary equipment to clean in height, with precision and meticulousness.In-depth disinfection of the kitchen We clean the surfaces where you eat and prepare your meals. It is a place that requires special attention for your health. That's why we'll make sure no bacteria survive during post-construction cleaning. We will clean counters, cabinets, light fixtures and any other possible surfaces.Debris removal caused by construction (plaster, dust, screws, nuts etc.) We will ensure that no debris is left on the job site during post construction cleaning. We know that buildings require a lot of tools and materials that are often left behind. We will pick up everything because we know that a forgotten screw can be dangerous for new occupants.Cleaning floor stains We will remove all paint stains left on the ground during the work. If the techniques used are not appropriate, it is easy to damage the floor. We use products and techniques adapted to not spoil anything and thus, make you fully enjoy the new and bright floors!Cleaning the glue residue We will ensure that no glue residue remains on surfaces, floors and walls. When cleaning after construction, we will check each corner and use products that are suitable and not harmful to your health.Cleaning all fenestration We know that window cleaning is a tough job, so we'll make sure every window (interior and exterior) is the brightest after our cleaning after construction. No fingerprints will go unnoticed.

Cleaning carpets, floors, stairs etc.We use machines specialized in carpet cleaning, commercial vacuum cleaners, etc. All our devices are at the cutting edge of technology and adapted to our work. No dust will stay in the corners. We will ensure that post-construction cleaning is done as accurately as possible.Ventilation of the buildingAs we go through cleaning after construction, we will make sure that the air you inspire upon your arrival is fresh and pleasant. We will clean the air ducts to make sure ventilation does not surprise you.To summarize, after our departure you will be bewitched by the cleanliness of the place!Who is this post-construction cleaning service for?Individuals who have just completed renovationsCommercial Building ContractorsCondominium Construction ContractorsHome Building ContractorsAll of our products used in post-construction cleaning are top notch and not harmful to your health. In addition, all appliances used in post-construction cleaning are front-line tools maintained to the highest standards in the industry. We guarantee your satisfaction of cleaning after construction.How do we evaluate the costs of post-construction cleaning?When assessing the cost of post-construction cleaning, we evaluate several elements such asThe area requiring cleaning after constructionThe type of cleaning after constructionWhich devices should be usedThe materials that are to be cleaned (for example, a building with windows everywhere will require a deeper cleaning of windows)Personnel who must be moved to clean up after construction.Contact us now to have a quote! You will be charmed by the professionalism of our employees chosen for the post-construction cleaning component. Our clientele is very satisfied.For individuals: We leave you the old site so clean that you can eat your first supper on the floor if you have not yet received your kitchen table!For entrepreneurs: You will be able to deliver your constructions in the cleanest of places. Your customers will thank you for the cleanliness of the constructions delivered. 

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