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tier backlink scheme


Here's what GetZQ can do for you :

  • 1- Build a fantastic blog post fron our Private Blog Network (PBN) with the custom information you provided, including a backlink with targeted keyword (anchor) text to your own website or URL link. This will be our 1st tier backlink.

  • 2- We will use the Keyword/Anchor you provided us to build more than 15 unique domain backlink with high authority and trustflow (including .edu and .gov) pointing to your PBN post with your backlink on. All of these links will be pinged with different tools to be indexed as fast as possible. These will serve as our 2nd tier link.

  • 3- Links will be shared on multiple web 2.0 websites and social medias such as FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit and much more

  • 4- Build multiple dofollow backlinks from unique domains and IPs includind .com, .org, .edu, .gov websites and many more.


Adding your blog or web page to the GetZQ protocol will not only boost your search engine position on Google, Yahoo or Bing, but also to other search engines like Duckduckgo, Baidu, Yandex and much more! We are working hard to maintain a great TrustFlow, CitationFlow and Authority so that all you have to do is add your link to our nice advertising protocol. Real PR Trust GetZQ's Google PageRank  and TrustRank

Get a HUGE SEO boost for your product, business or money website! Your products or money page could be in front of more than 2000 unique and possible customers for several days. Try it today! 1 URL link per PBN post is allowed. Both PBN posts will be on two different domains with unique IPs. All links are DOFOLLOW backlinks. You will get a full detailed report upon delivery of the service, witch will be in less than 72 hours after we receive your order.

2 PNB Post +15 2nd tier Backlinks for each posts.
(+30 total backlinks to 2 PBN post) 3 USD

2 PNB Post +40 2nd tier Backlinks for each posts.
(+80 total backlinks to 2 PBN post) 4 USD

4 PNB Post +15 2nd tier Backlinksfor each posts.
(+60 total backlinks to 4 PBN post) 5,50 USD

4 PNB Post +40 2nd tier Backlinks for each posts.
(+160 total backlinks to 4 PBN post) 7,50 USD
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