GetZQ Search engine optimization (SEO) tools.


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Get an extra SEO boost for your product, business or website! We can create high Trust, Authority and PageRank DOFOLLOW backlinks for you and your website. We offer a 15+ backlink service and a 40+ one, make your choice.


You will get a full detailed report upon delivery of the service, witch will be in less than 48 hours after we receive your order.


You can also submit your content to GetZQ where we will create a Private Blog Network (PBN) post and build you a powerful pyramidal backlink scheme with 2nd tier backlinks. This is the best way to do Seach Engine Optimization (SEO)! For more information, read this.


15+ dofollow Backlinks $1,00 USD

40+ dofollow Backlinks $2,00 USD
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