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Gatineau PlusNet Housekeeping is pleased to offer housekeeping and breakup cleaning services in Gatineau, Ottawa and the surrounding area. We offer an assortment of administrations, dedicated to make your life less demanding. We are very good at reasonable rates. We will probably surpass all your desires because of their reliability, unshakable quality and demonstrable skills. Our initiative is based on our understanding of the world, our ease of management, our electronic controls, our state-of-the-art equipment and our range of eco-friendly items. PlusNet looks at nature and uses only eco-friendly objects. Over the years, PlusNet has put in place assets, structures, techniques and controls in accordance with the global quality-assurance standard we have. For exterior and interior cleaning of your windows and mirrors, for stripping and cleaning your floors, a call is enough! Everywhere on the South Shore of Montreal, the group of maintenance specialists nearby PlusNet ads loops down. PlusNet is committed to quick glass cleaning consumed. Depending on your needs, our interior and exterior window net mosquito, no matter if it's a house or a business building. This is the reason why the owners of organizations, for example, flat plants and substantial plants therefore guaranteed to have a perfect and solid condition. Since PlusNet cleaning masters are not just order and cleanliness specialists.