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Top 20 Reasons Why Goa is Famous as India's Most Popular Tourist Destination?

What do you remember when the word Goa crosses your mind? Party on beaches? Calm and tranquil walks on unexplored beaches? New years parties? Sunburn? Private beach resorts? Goa has so much to offer for every traveller. It is a dream destination for many travellers, as it never disappoints any travellers who come over here to enjoy this little paradise on earth. Everyone knows some special feature Goa has to offer. It is rated as India's Most Popular Tourist Destination. This place is quite famous among many foreign travellers, people from all around the world visit this beauty and admired it.

Why Goa is famous? What makes Goa so special? Goa is all about sun, sea and sand. Goa is popular for its range of seafood delicacy. Goa's weather will warm your heart if you are a nature's lover. Be it trekking, camping, spirituality, rejuvenation, Ayurveda spa and any relaxing activity by beach you name it and Goa has it all.

From historical monuments to adventures sports or partying on the beach till dusk or renting out your private spaces by beach- All of these makes Goa indeed an India's Most Popular Tourist Destination.