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Agenter – First Commission Networking Platform

A platform that creates employment opportunities for everyone who can earn commission agent and common people.

Agenter is an Online Sales Commission Platform, where business profiles present their sales requirements on a commission basis and offers a new way of employment opportunities to every common man and sales agent, to connect and earn commission.

It benefits the individual who wants to earn a commission from every requirement that he
gets out of his day to day life (This platform work as an additional income creator for all).

It helps the Business to boost their sales and meet thousands of right sales agents.
"Connecting the Business and individual has become so simple through Agenter ," says Siyad, CEO at Agenter Pvt Limited . "Agenter will generate a lot of business opportunities to the common people who can work or refer the services by earning a commission ."

Features and benefits of Agenter include (For Business Profiles)
● No registration fees. (Free Sign Up)
● No marketing cost other than your commission offer to your sales agent.
● Build your sales network in your Industry Niche.
● Expand your business outside of your geography.
● Communicate with millions of active users interested in your industry.
Know your agents
● Our agents are individuals, who have the potential to bring the business from industry to which you belong to.
● Within a time span of one year Agenter is going to have one million registered active individuals as it's agents across India.
The operating cycle for business profiles in our platform is as follows
● Create your business profile.
● Make connections.
● Provide good Commission offers.
● Get your proposals.
● Close your deal.
● Settle the reward.

Features and benefits of Agenter include (For Individual Profiles)
● Create your profile. (Free Sign Up)
● Make connections with business profiles.
● Find thousands of commission providers near you
● Contact any business offering commission
● Get your commission offers.
● Start referring the business leads and get paid the agreed commissions

Agenter is the best place for anyone who wants to earn more money online. Here you can make money in form of commission by working for the business offers or referring them to the right individuals. You can also help others to make money online by referring the leads.

Agenter platform will be available starting 10/10/2020, at free of cost. For more information visit

About Agenter:
Agenter Private Limited incorporated with MCA on 15 November 2019. The Agenter Private Limited is listed in the class of company and classified as Subsidiary of Foreign Company. This company is registered at Registrar of Companies (ROC), Ernakulam with an Authorized Share Capital of Rs. 5 LAC and its paid-up capital is 1 LAC.
Agenter wants to connect the dots between business and individual to solve the unemployment rate where Unemployment is a major problem in India. Since we are having a huge population of youngsters and everyone is completing their graduation from reputed colleges or institutions. The main reason for unemployment is due to the lack of Job opportunities to them. These graduates move into metro-cities like Bangalore, Pune, etc., for jobs and end up in jobs like sales, marketing, receptionist etc. Everyone is very passionate about getting jobs in their desired field. So, this Platform creates employment opportunities for everyone who can work as freelancers, agent and common people.
Our Mission is to build an open marketplace where any business can sell their products or services through virtual employees in the market. Yes, we see the future would be companies with millions of virtual sales employees!
To stand as an income opportunity generator for the global workforce. It is very easy anyone can work for any or multiple companies as their sales agenter.

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