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NDA Training Academy in Delhi

Maths a fear for most of us, BUT when it comes to defence forces maths is one of the most important subjects for the written exam NDA, CDSE, AFCAT and INET . According to the recent trends , the questions asked from maths are quite simple after apply some concept , the exam conducted by the UPSC are based on the concept one who knows the concept can solve all the questions. NDA Training Academy

Role of maths

1.Maths is highly scoring subject and more the marks more the chances to qualify for the dream force .(ARMY, NAVY,AIRFORCE)

2. Maths also plays important role during OIR test in 1st stage of SSB.

3. Different types of questions increases analytical ability and help in developing a problem solving attitude in life.

4. Maths is quite different from general knowledge as it is the subject that doesn't have current affairs , all the things remain the same.

How to prepare for maths exam?

Know the syllabus of the exam
Read each and every topic with the concept and practice at least 100 questions of each topic / chapter
For AFCAT focus on arithmetics , for CDSE focus on advance maths.
After doing all the chapters start solving some mocks.

Most important practice each and every previous year question paper.
Practice according to real exam timings to make the mind habitual of working at exam timings like if anyone is preparing for CDSE exam in real maths exam is from 3pm to 5pm so while practicing solve the mocks and previous year questions from 3-5 pm.