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Turbotax Login

TurboTax Login : TurboTax Sign in | TurboTax Login US
TurboTax has evolved as an unbeatable pioneer in extending taxation software solutions for American taxpayers. It offers tax preparation packages that are reliable and hassle-free. Its innovative range of user-friendly products simplifies the complex and time-consuming process involved in computing and filing taxes. The best part is its accessibility. It is easily available in both Desktop as well as Online versions. However, these intuitive solutions can be used only by means of a TurboTax Login Account.

TurboTax Login Account Creation
In the very first place, you should launch an Internet Browser of your choice on your computing device. For eg., you can get Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari etc. In order to open it, click on the Browser icon. You may find it either at your System's Taskbar or your Desktop.
Then, open the official website for TurboTax Login. In other words, enter "" in the Address Bar of your Browser. Then, hit the "Enter" key.
As a result, it will open the required website for TurboTax Login. Now, look at the top right-hand corner of this window. Here, you will notice the "Sign In" tab. Hence, click on it.
Consequently, it will redirect you to the next window for "Account Login". Here, you should go to the very bottom of the window and locate the "Create An Account" tab. As such, click on it and open the "Account Creation" window.
On the following window, you should provide the required "Profile Information" in the respective text boxes as mentioned below.
Email Address: Enter an active email address that you want to associate with this account. Here, you must ensure that it should be your primary email address that you use for your financial dealings. This is because TurboTax will ask you to verify this address before filing your taxes.
Confirm Email Address: Now, re-enter the same email address as provided above to confirm it.
User ID: Provide a unique User ID that you would like to create for this account. This is required to identify your account and keep it safe.
Phone Number: Type in a valid mobile number. Although, it is optional information. However, it is suggested to add it as it will keep your account safe.
Password: Enter a strong and unique password that you want to set for this account. Here, you should stick to the following guidelines.
Use 8 or more characters.
You can use a maximum of 32 characters.
Use both upper and lower case letters.
Include a number.
Add a symbol as well.
Confirm Password: Re-enter the same password as provided above to confirm it.
After entering all the details correctly, you must locate the links for "TurboTax Terms of Service", "Turbo Terms of Use" and "Privacy Statement". Now, click on the links one by one and open the respective documents. After that, read the terms carefully and close the windows before proceeding with the TurboTax Login process.
Finally, click on "Create Account" for completing the TurboTax Login Account creation process.
As a result, you will get a "Verification Email" on the Email Address linked with this TurboTax Login Account. Hence, access your Email Account and "log in" to it.
Thereafter, open its "Inbox" and search for the "Verification Email". Then, open the same.
Here, you will notice a "Verify My Email" button. Hence, click on it. With this, your TurboTax Login Account is successfully created.

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