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Bepanah Pyar

Bepanah Pyar Colors Tv Hindi Serial Watch Online Full Video episodes. Bepanah Pyaar Indian Drama watch online today full episode of latest Bepanah Pyaarr Online.

Raghbir says God should not give anyone a Badi Ma like you. Harshit asks him what rubbish he is saying but Raghbir holds him by his collar. Don't utter another word. You have cheated me enough! He turns to Kunti. You got afraid of police so soon as I am sure they will be able to find out that you used to mix drugs in my food. She continues her drama. I am sure it must be Pragati's plan. You will believe her every word. He says I dint even take her name till now. Why do you think will it be her? She says Pragati is the only one who wants to separate us. He calls her the problem. It is you who want to kill me. This is why you cut the railing in Manali, right? She acts innocent but he tells her to stop acting now. She asks him if he doubts her. He denies. I am blaming you. Sahas has shown me that video in which you were cutting the railing. I worshipped you my entire life yet you wanted to kill me! I gave you everything yet you played all these games with me. Why? You crossed your limits by killing my parents. You killed them just for money and I was following you blindly all the time. Pragati was right. You are wrong. I should have believed her. I never believed in God thinking you are my God. You should be ashamed of it! Kunti admits she has killed his parents. I am not ashamed to admit that I killed your parents for money. I did it for my son Harshit. I dint want him to be on your mercy. We have a right on this house, this property and everything! He asks her if she has ever tried to understand him. You should have asked me. Forget about this property or money, I would have even given my life for you! It is enough now. It is my turn now. Now a son will do what no son would have done to his mother. This is Raghbir Malhotra's promise to you Badi Ma. You will be punished for your misdeed. She fumes thinking Sahas ruined her plan. Doorbell rings. Raghbir says this is the bell to hell. Do you need something?

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