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Bollywood songs remix djs song

Music is a form of art, an expression of emotions through harmonic frequencies, Most music includes people singing with their voices or playing musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, drums or violin. The word music comes from the Greek word (mousike), which means "(art) of the Muses".

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The ability to relate to the artist on a personal level with their message /story. Musical inclination, the ability to master instruments and define an entire genre. The use of melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic devices in music can induce a psychological state in both the musicians and the listener that is beyond words to describe. After all music is a combination of sounds, and sound is vibration.

Music is sound that has been organized by using rhythm, melody or harmony. Tunes are made of notes that go up or down or stay on the same pitch. Music often has rhythm. Rhythm is the way the musical sounds and silences are put together in a sequence. bollywood songs remix

Great musicians have a passionate connection to the music they play. While the music itself is their most important and accurate expression of how they feel about music, they' ve also managed to say a few poignant things to describe what music is to people.

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