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Lorex Securirty Camera | +1-855-979-6456 | Lorex Customer Service

In the United States millions of burglaries occurs in every year. That is the reason why everybody wants the home security camera to protect their family. But the question is what to choose? Because there are dozens of home security cameras available in the market. To solve this confusion of the people, Lorex has introducing the best security camera for your home. In this security camera you will find the 4k resolution system which you don't find in any other security camera. You can protect your home and office anytime on your android by using this camera. Our home security camera is easy to install and setup before knowing the installation process first you should know the features of this Lorex Security camera below :

4k resolution.
Color Night vision for crystal clear footage in the dark.
Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor locations.
Good for any weather.
Notification alert system.
Two-way audio system.
Rechargeable batteries.
24/7 Monitoring system.

After knowing the features of Lorex Home Security camera if you want to know how to install or setup this camera then don't worry, contact us on our Lorex Customer Service Number.