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Pragati says yes to Sahas for marriage. She requests him to make sure nothing happens to Raghbir. He agrees. She apologizes to Raghbir for making this decision. Sahas treats Raghbir and tells Pragati he will be conscious soon. I saved him for you but now you don't belong to Raghbir anymore. Don't forget that. Saying so, he walks out of the ward. Pragati apologizes to Raghbir again. We may not be able to be together in this birth but maybe we will be together in our next birth. She kisses him on his forehead. Raghbir wakes up just then and tells her not to cry. I am fine now.

Sahas comes to check on Raghbir. Raghbir holds Pragati's hand and tells him not to ask him such questions till the time she is with him. He apologizes to Pragati for his recent behaviour. Let's put the past behind us.

Sahas tells him the same theory of drug which Pragati had told him earlier. He blames Badi Ma for it which makes Raghbir furious. He scolds Pragati for instigating Sahas again his Badi Ma as well. Sahas shows him the Manali video in which Badi Ma is cutting the railing due to which Baani had fallen from the cliff. Raghbir is stunned into silence. Why would she try to kill Baani? Sahas replies that she wanted to kill him in reality. This puzzles Raghbir all the more. Pragati says she wants your property. She tried to kill you so she could get hold of your property but then she found out that it will go to trust after his death so she ended up showing fake concern towards you. He asks her why she wants to kill him now. Pragati says she want you to be like a lifeless corpse now so Harshit could run your business. Raghbir breaks down. He apologizes to her for not trusting him. No one can separate us now. Sahas mocks him mentally.

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