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During the fest, the budding professional-students were provided a big platform to showcase their culinary skills, which would further motivate them to build strong foundations in Hospitality Industry. For this, a number of competitions like Healthy Breakfast Dish, Innovative Soup with accompaniment, Novel Menu, Creative Dessert and Culinary Quiz were held. Following international rules, the competing students were judged for accuracy of recipe, presentation/balance, taste, technique/skill, creativity, hygiene & use of indigenous ingredients.

Congratulating all the winners and other participating students, Director General of LPU Er HR Singla said: "It is heartening to note that Indian hospitality industry is growing exponentially and is predicted to grow 17 percent up to 2014, thereby adding millions of new jobs to the present work force. Moreover in relation to the same, India will be a tourism hot-spot up to 2018, having the highest growth potential. So a career in hospitality is sure to open up opportunities to earn a very good living with great income." He further informed: "Through this competition, the endeavour of our School of Hospitality is to impart knowledge, skills, concepts and techniques to the students to learn and emerge as global hospitality service providers."

Some of the participants Harsh & Jyotsana said: "We know that the competitive celebrations like this are sure to develop and promote the related culinary skills in us towards flourishing food & beverage industry. We have learnt so many innovative styles of food preparation and presentation skills, viable in terms of food-cost and nutrition, from our rivals also. This fest has really strengthened our individual creativity by furnishing us a big platform to portray skills, techniques and styles."

In fact, hospitality industry is a vibrant and glamorous field by offering more dynamic work environment than other professions. If one considers the level of accommodation that companies provide for top managers, or even the day-to-day perks that hotel and restaurant managers get for free, one finds that the salaries are very competitive with other industries.