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The Importance of Genetic Counseling.

Sometimes it is fatal to reduce the importance of genetic counseling. In cases where the woman is over 36 years old or where the couple are in relation to each other, it is important to find the couple's family history. Genetic counseling helps in the diagnosis of any risk factor for imminent pregnancy. If the couple is in close relation, then their genes may be the same, which may force the pregnancy into deformities. In such cases, you are assigned to support groups, which make you understand the risks to which your child will be exposed if you decide to opt for pregnancy. It is important to understand the situation clearly at the pre pregnancy stage to avoid having mental and physical disorders in the child.

Reasons For Genetic Counseling

Everybody wants to have a healthy offspring. However, it is not always so. Therefore, to be on the safe side it is important to take genetic counseling if you have any of the following conditions, at the pre pregnancy planning stage.

If your partner is 35 years old.

If you are related to each other.

if you have a disorder like cystic fibrosis.

if you have a child with mental disorder.

if your child has genetic disorder.

if you have constant miscarriages or if your babies are still born.

if you have STD.

if you have been exposed to or have exposure to toxins like teratogens.

if you have problems of infertility.

If you have a history of a particular illness in your family.

If you have any type of physical deformity.

if you catch pregnancy infections

if your family has a history of epilepsy.
Classification Of Tests

Some carrier and screening tests are performed on couples who have any of the aforementioned conditions. The carrier test checks for a type of blood disorder known as thalassemia. This disorder affects people of Mediterranean origin and people in Africa and Southern Asia. The disease cystic fibrosis usually afflicts people of Caucasian origin. This disease affects the lungs. African Americans are usually born with the sickle cell disease, a blood disorder. The tay-sachs disease can cause fatal damage to the brain and usually afflicts the descendants of east European Jews. The screening tests can also determine the Huntington's disease and the hemophilia disease. How can one undermine the importance of genetic counseling.

These tests forewarn parents working in factories and poor conditions, where they are exposed to substances like radiation and teratogens, whether their bodies are fit to become parents or not. Genetic counseling helps them to get rid of these harmful substances in the planning stage of pregnancy and to deliver healthy babies. AFP is another screening test that determines birth defects and other defects such as spina bifida and anesthesia. It also detects neural tube defects. In modern times, ultrasound testing has become very common in pregnant women. This test can detect whether there is any deformity or any deformity in any part of the fetus's body. Genetic disorders and developmental disorders can be detected with the test of Amniocentesis. The importance of genetic counseling is evident again over here.

Not Very Costly

The cost of genetic counseling is quite affordable. It can cost anywhere from $100 to $300. Most insurance policies cover genetic counseling. Do not be daunted by the costs or the unpleasing words of wisdom. Always understand it is in the best interest of the child. Moreover, if at all you are advised against pregnancy, then you can always adopt a child from a childcare center. You as parents are going to give the most precious gift to the child, LOVE. So do not take it lightly and give due importance to genetic counseling.