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All Nintendo Direct Mini games and announcements.

After several months without any Nintendo Direct, one of the well-known mini conferences and presentations by Nintendo took place yesterday by surprise. However, against all odds and in contrast to the name "Mini" itself, it resulted in the announcement of a good number of titles , not only from indie developers, but even some of their big IPs.

So, below you can find a short summary of each of the games presented for Nintendo Switch, with its corresponding fragment of the presentation video:

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
In a shorter and faster format, this Nintendo Direct opened with a new trailer for the remastered version of this JRPG , which will return with improved graphics, a new interface and menus that will facilitate its use, and a re-recorded soundtrack to accompany the jump. graphic. Furthermore, it has also been revealed that this edition of Xenoblade Chronicles will include a new epilogue called "Connected Futures", in which the main story will be further expanded. Spotify Premium APK

Finally, its launch date has been confirmed for May 29 , with the arrival of two standard and collector's editions, which will include a metal box, a vinyl with some songs from the soundtrack, a download code for the soundtrack in digital format, a poster, and a 256-page art book.

BioShock: The Collection
Another great pack that joins the Nintendo Switch catalog, with the remastered versions of BioShock and BioShock 2 , and a copy of the successful BioShock Infinite , all of them with their respective downloadable additional content.

Either out of nostalgia, or if you still don't know the hidden secrets of the underwater city of Rapture and the aerial city of Columbia, this pack will be available digitally through the Nintendo eShop from May 29 .

Borderlands Legendary Collection
And we continue with the collections, in this case with another more current saga but also already considered a classic. With the absence of its latest title, this pack will bring together Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, with all the additional content from the main campaigns and all their DLC's released to date.

Further highlighting this day on the calendar, Borderlands Legendary Collection is also scheduled to premiere on May 29.

XCOM 2 Collection
Unlike the previous collections presented, in this case we will only have the XCOM 2 strategy game, although we will be able to enjoy its War of the Chosen expansion , which includes new classes of characters, missions and places to explore.

Being the last title presented by 2K Games, and to make it easier to remember, the XCOM 2 Collection will be available from May 29 .

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order
With a game already released during the month of June, this time we find the presentation and immediate availability of the third and last expansion content of this superhero game. So, under the name "Shadow of Doom" , players will be able to take control of any of the Fantastic Four to once again face the evil Dr. Death.

Shinsekai: Into the Depths
After a first exclusivity in Apple Arcade, finally this Capcom title begins to reach the rest of the consoles. We thus find ourselves with an adventure of underwater exploration in the purest lateral displacement platform style, where we will incarnate the last living human being who will take refuge in the depths of the sea looking for resources and facing the horrible creatures that are hiding.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Just released on the Nintendo Switch, and without actually being a DLC itself, this Nintendo Direct also took the opportunity to announce the arrival of an imminent special event within Animal Crossing , the "Egg Hunt", where we must look for the eggs of Easter hidden around our entire island. Likewise, the arrival of a free content update , dedicated to Earth Day, has also been announced , which will include some new features still to be revealed.

While the first event is already scheduled for April 1 to 12 , the update is not expected to arrive until the day honored, which will take place on April 22 .

Good Job!
Following a bit the "nice" line of the previous title, this time we find an action and puzzle game in which we will control one of these stick-man turned into a pawn of his company, helping him to fulfill all kinds of orders and tasks, with total freedom of action: be organized and coherent, or unleash your imagination.

Good Job! It is now available for digital purchase through the Nintendo eShop, at a price of 9.99 euros.