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Cat shock collar with remote.

A cat shock collar is very similar to what the name suggests. It usually looks like a normal collar, but contains a small device that causes an electric shock. Although the shock is not designed to cause pain, there are better alternatives to change your cat's behavior.

The typical way to operate the shock collars is for the pet owner to observe his cat's unwanted behavior and immediately activate the shock. The theory behind this is that your cat associates unpleasant feelings with behavior and that he will be much less likely to do it again in the future. Although this is a good thing in theory, it is often not the case.

Cats do not understand punishment and physical discipline. The use of shock collars in cats will only confuse your furry friend, increase stress and can lead to unwanted behavior.

Using a shock collar not only calms your cat, but can also be very helpful in setting boundaries inside and outside your home. There are many different types of bumpers on the market that can make it difficult to find the bumper that is best for you and your cat.

I have compiled a small list of the best shock collars for cats that work well and are cheap. I also gave tips and frequently asked questions to help you decide whether a collar is really something you want to try with your cat.

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