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Elad Anter.

5 tips to take care of your heart health
Our cardiac health depends directly on the lifestyle we carry out, which must include physical activity and healthy eating in our daily routine.
Long working hours force us to sit for hours, then get on a bus, get home, eat and sleep. This lifestyle is the main cause of sedentary lifestyle and the enemy of our heart health. Given this reality, Dr. Elad Anter, cardiologist at clevelandclinic , warns of another factor that directly affects our heart , assuring that "poor diet notably affects cardiac health. This is evident in eating a lot of salt and little potassium (it is recommended that the sodium / potassium ratio is

5 tips to take care of your heart health

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, diet and smoking are sodium, performs check your blood pressure , since hypertension is a silent disease, but disabling consequences, causing problems to the heart and kidneys.

Performing a physical examination is the most effective option to rule out possible cardiac pathologies , as well as performing an electrocardiogram through ultrasound, allowing the heart to be seen from within and detecting abnormalities that are not clinically manifested.

Cardiologists recommend taking the following five permanent measures to care for heart health:

Do physical activity at least half an hour three times a week to strengthen the heart , lose weight and control blood pressure .
Do not smoke, as this habit can cause damage to the blood vessels and increases the risk of high blood pressure .
Manage stress, as learning to deal with problems and pressure improves emotional and physical health.

Reduce alcohol intake and coffee consumption to a maximum of 3 cups daily.
Consume foods rich in potassium such as legumes, fruits and vegetables and those that have polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially with Omega 3.