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Screen Binge.

Screenbinge was made by a dedicated group of movie lovers based in USA as well as other parts of the world. Our goal is to ultimately build a community of movie & TV fans curating the best selections in entertainment and delivering them to the masses so that the next time anyone sits down with precious little free time on their hands, they'll always have something entertaining to watch.

A galaxy of streamers where all geeks can fulfill there dreams and watch everything without restrictions. Either you want to stay updated with the latest happening in the industry or News from your favorite celebs and dramas its all here. Screen Binge

So fans always have the content to entertain there nerdy ass no matter in what corner of the wold they are.

We cover all streaming platform from Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Quibi, Peacock, Disney plus you name it and we have it. Our recommendation of virtual networks will never let you down. With our easy to consume guides anyone can be a streaming hero in just a matter of time