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Hank's Trucking and Bulldozing Ltd. is a family-owned and -operated company serving the Lower Mainland's excavation and soil supply industries since 1978. As a second-generation farmer, Hank Bitter became interested in quality soils early in his career, which ultimately led to the development of his own blend, commonly known as "Hank's Blend". Over time, Hank's Blend topsoil has become widely known and respected throughout the Lower Mainland for its exceptional quality.

In addition to our topsoil services, we proudly supply peat moss, mushroom compost, mushroom manure, and a variety of high quality soil blends (including custom blends, upon request) to the farming, residential and commercial industries across British Columbia. We also specialize in the removal and disposal of peat, while preparing your land for optimal future agricultural or commercial use.At Hank's, our priority is to always deliver superior quality products and services to our customers. To ensure that you receive the utmost quality, we do not use wood waste or bio solids in any of our products. We also maintain our soil supplies in secure dry storage to guarantee you with dry product ready for any job at any time