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And those who want to get rid of fat must know how "the mechanism of lipid representation and who is doing it" has accumulated that it is not the insulin responsible for metabolism and fat storage.

But who burns fat? It is a fat-dissolving hormone and produces an exhaust from burning fat called ketones.

Urine can be examined with ketones test strips, where they recite the tape in violet color.

This indicates that the dieter burns fat and does not get rid of fluids. Limit foods that contain carbohydrates in an amount of 0-20 grams per day.

Forbidden: Sugars are 100% carbohydrates, which means that insulin represents them all and stores the excess in the form of fats. Fruits: 7-40% carbohydrates, which is one of the most rapid nutrients in the representation of fats when consuming large quantities of them. Honey 80% carbohydrates. Guest Post Services Health