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Open Sunpass Account – Sunpass Registration – Sunpass sign Up Free

Are you searching for How to Open Sunpass Account? To create or Open Sunpass Account is now easy. SunPass is an American electronic toll collection company based in Florida, USA.

How to Open Sunpass Account

1) Before you sign up for a SunPass account, you need to choose which method you prefer when buying a SunPass transponder. You can either choose In Person or Online.

2) Once you are done click Submit. Then you need to confirm that you don't have a SunPass account.

3) When you complete the above steps, you need to choose your account type.

4) If you wish to open a Private/Regular account.

5) After accepting terms and conditions you will be directed to another page where you will begin enrolling your account.

6) The next step is about vehicle info and transponders.

7) You need to add your payment method and make payment.

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