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Thin Marijuana Mint Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Girl Scout Cookies, as such a large number of other amazing weed strains hails from the West Coast of the US where she made rushes of raving fervor among cannabis sweethearts not long after she went to the scene. So large was the fervor about this super-powerful strain that it didn't take long until these waves and her heavenly notoriety arrived at Europe and the remainder of the world. Today she is the top rated strain on the West Coast and the most mainstream strain in North America. platinum girl scout cookies strain

Only one of Girl Scout Cookies magnificent characteristics is her insane amazing high that blends joy and happiness in with up to this point unfamiliar profundities of unwinding alongside her fantastic taste. Said in an unexpected way, she more than merits her notoriety and that she's the discussion of such a significant number of cannabis darlings nowadays!

Young lady Scout Cookies is an indica/sativa half and half that started as a crossbreed of an OG Kush, which is s amazing adjusted indica/sativa with a Durban Poison which is an unadulterated sativa.