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Running your small business according to your inner voice

Jung was a student of Freud and one of the early pioneers of psychotherapy. In contrast to Freud, he believed in broader motivations other than simply the psychosexual. His theories pulled from his direct experience as well as from studies of Eastern thought, and while many Jungians will even dismiss this elements of his ideas as minor, they were in fact fundamental to his belief. He was firm in his belief that every individual has their own inner voice. To achieve self-realization, accordingly, one must follow their own inner voice.

Running a small business makes that a challenge. There are so many voices speaking to you, and you must cut out all the chatter to find your own voice. This voice is what will elevate your business to the heights of success. If you are not aligned, you will be torn in different directions and ultimately you may stumble into success but more likely, you will become exhausted and jaded. Operate your business according to your inner voice, and be set free.