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How and where to buy Italian Driver's License?

How to get a legal document without exam?
The driving license you get here can easily be renewed from the normal route. This is when you lose it or when it expires. In fact, the procedure for obtaining the document is the same as for the driving license obtained from driving schools; after a theoretical and practical exam. legal driving license online.

Also, the document we provide on this site is registered in the prefecture. It is also in the archives of the Mottorizzazionne. Finally it is also registered and in all the databases of the Italian state.

We have designed a system that guarantees total anonymity, allowing you to be in good standing in the event of an inspection so that you can drive peacefully and have nothing to fear. We are in collaboration with four driving schools in Rome and Venice. There, hundreds of British drivers pass their driving licenses every year. We are aware, however, that Rome and Venice may be too far from you. You may not even have a lot of time and money at your disposal. Your file will be treated with the name of one of these driving schools. This with perseverance and professionalism. So there will be no differences between your document and that of others.

We enroll you in the theoretical and practical exams that you pass automatically. Your driving license is then issued to one of these driving schools which sends it to us in the name of our association. Of course, this after registering the permit in the Italian archives. how to buy driving license online.


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