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Learn how to build a website from scratch

We'll look at how to make a website with both a website builder and WordPress, with no steps left out. So buckle up – there's a lot to cover!

Getting online is easier than ever. There are now over 200 million active websites, and a lot of them were made by regular folk like you and me.

Today anyone can make a website, regardless of technical skill level. We know it can seem like a daunting task, but there are tools available today that make the process easy. This article will walk you through making a website-step-by-step.

There are two ways to make a website: with a website builder or with WordPress. There's no question about it: website builders like Wix, Squarespace or Weebly are the best way for tech novices to get online.

Before you start, get enlivened! Take a gander at sites with incredible plans and consider why they're extraordinary plans. It as a rule boils down to the data, assets, connections, and pages being spread out in a way that is not difficult to see and utilize. To get thoughts regarding how to plan your own site, take a gander at locales which do comparable things to get thoughts regarding where you should put various kinds of substance. On the off chance that you as of now have a genuinely smart thought about what your site will zero in on, skirt this progression. If not, here are a few things to help you sort that out. To begin with, comprehend that there are billions of individuals on the Internet, and an enormous rate have sites. On the off chance that you restrict yourself to something that hasn't been done, you'll never begin.