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Can I visit Thirukadaiyur?

Sri Abirami Amman Sametha Sri Amirthakadeswarar Temple is located in Thirukkadavu. The temple is located at a distance of 18 km from Mayiladuthurai. Located in the distance. The temple is under the direct control of Dharmapuram Athena. Ithalat is unique in that it is the eighth Veerattana of Lord Shiva's Ashta Veerattana. The trio composed a song about the title. 

At sixty years old of the dad, all the youngsters meet up to hold this service for the guardians, subsequently a similar 60th wedding, ringer function sashtiyapta purthi. The occasion is held at 60 years old and starts at age of 61 years. What is the justification this? The Tamil month, date and year of a man's introduction to the world all come the day after he turns 60 years of age. i.e., once in 60 years as it were. Such a show will return again following 60 years. That is at 120 years old. In reality, it is unimaginable

One endeavors to bring in cash for his family needs. He additionally invests energy contemplating how to set aside the cash that he procures in lifetime. Generally speaking how to all the more likely set up his kids' schooling and marriage. The 61-year-old is thought to be the age at which he will actually want to come out from ordinary life and completely draw in himself in profound exercises subsequent to satisfying every one of his obligations till the age of 60.

The mother father who worked for the prosperity for their youngsters in a cheerful and appreciative manner all together they will play out this wedding. The 60th wedding is typically held in the sanctuaries different homas and poojas are performed. Poojas are performed for the heavenly messenger divinities with total special necklaces. And furthermore, urns pooja is performed. The urns are revered in quantities of 16,32 and 64 separately for their benefit. Toward the finish of the pooja, the heavenly water which is venerated in urns is poured on the lady of the hour by their youngsters family members and companions. It is praised as incredible gift to fall at the feet of the lady of the hour and get the endowments. 

Thirukadaiyur Lord Shiva graces in the temple as swayambumurthi. This is the exactly the place where Lord hit Yama the God of death with His legs. Though the presiding deity in the sanctum sanctorum is only one in Linga form, a close look at the Linga will show another reflection of the Linga.

The lady of the hour and lucky man likewise offer sarees, coats, turmeric and swinging memento to the individuals who are honored with them. Many individuals go to the wedding function routinely on the grounds that seeing it resembles seeing the paradise. For the most part this 60th wedding is held at Shiva sanctuary arranged in Tirukadaiyur, Mayiladuthurai locale.

60th marriage is for man who satisfy all obligations he has doled out up until this point. Till this day, on the off chance that anybody has been hurt, purposely or unwittingly, it is a chance to look for pardon and sincere statement of regret to the Lord. It is likewise seen as an occasion where one is liberated from the everyday routine he has experienced up until this point, and completely submit himself in otherworldly exercises.

Conventional homas Aaysh homam will be performed by experienced ministers who are knowledgeable in the Vedic sacred texts and they will direct this homam with as per the principles of aaghamam with due perseverance. Playing out these homam on one's introduction to the world date and conceived star will give great outcomes throughout everyday life.

Standard takings in these homam would get solid. How to praise the 60th wedding a stunning occasion? Marriage is a glad second for those in our home as well as for our family members and companions. In any case, in a further developed way from that point forward, the 60th wedding is a superb occasion that carries satisfaction to the offspring of their wedded guardians.