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The Best Camera Phone under 30000 that will Amaze you

Hello, gadget freaks! Are you looking for a mobile phone that you can simply pick and use? Are you confused about which one to pick? Does the budget worry you? Well, here we have a list of Best Camera Phone Under 30000 with amazing camera quality and eye-glazing specs. The best part, all these gadgets are affordable and they won't add any burden on your pocket.

If you are a photo freak and you have the habit of capturing every moment then you are at luck as the devices shared here have all the qualities to be called the Best Camera Phone Under 30000.

Top 5 Best Camera Phone Under 30000


Launched on December 4, 2018, R17 comes with 6.4inches display and a resolution of 1080*2340 px. The smartphone is powered by an Octa-Core Snapdragon 670 processor. The octa-core is bifurcated as 2Ghz Dual Core and 1.7 Hexa Core.

With its 16 MP + 5MP Dual rear camera, it can click images with glazing clarity and make your trip worth every penny you invest. The dual camera feature sharpens the image while blurring everything behind the object but just don't think this is it. The R17 has a 25MP front camera that would fill your face with cheer and joy. It can click pictures in daylight without any glary obstruction in the image and even in the night you can get a clear image with the screen flash feature. This makes it ones of the better camera cell phones in this price range.

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