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Accident at Work Claim Form.

Many workplaces require that you use or interact with hot equipment, from the oven in a commercial kitchen to parts of an engine in a garage. If you are not given adequate protective equipment, sufficient training and if all relevant safety measures are not taken, you may be eligible for compensation for any accident or injury you sustain. Burns can be painful but superficial or they can be serious, even life threatening. It is also essential that your employer has made the correct first aid equipment available, to ensure that you receive immediate treatment to minimise the damage done. Accident at Work Claim Form

In almost all workplaces, it is reasonable to expect that most areas are kept clear and tidy and free of trip hazards. Any hazards that are unavoidable must be made highly visible to help you to avoid an accident, for example by the presence of a bright 'Wet Floor' sign. If these expectations are not met and you fall and injure yourself as a result, this could be the responsibility of your employer and you may be able to make a work injury claim. Similarly, if there is a ledge or drop you could fall off, it is the responsibility of your employer to put up signage or some form of guard rail or protection if appropriate. Falls from a height can cause life changing injuries and it is important that your employer takes their responsibility in this area seriously. If your injury could have been prevented, you may be entitled to compensation.

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