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Combust mercury effects.

In Vedic astrology, when a planet gets too on the brink of the Sun, it's referred to as combustion. Since, the sun is that the most powerful planet of the system , any planet moving on the brink of the sun will lose its energy and influence. mercury combust

Sun is extremely powerful and provides such a lot energy that anything which is closer to the sun doesn't seem to seem . as an example , the earth venus may be a symbol of affection and romance and if your venus is robust , you'll very soon find your life partner and obtain married. However, if Venus moves too on the brink of the sun, it'll lose its strength. This movement will eventually affect your sexual love .

Sun is additionally symbolic of ego. Therefore, if ego rises, the person will start to think too good of themselves. they're going to start thinking that they're good at everything and that they are too intelligent and nobody is at par with them. This thought will negatively affect their reputation at work also as relationships. combust mercury effects.

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